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16 P H I L L Y A D N E W S . C O M ECONOMIC IMPACT When it comes to production and post services, Philadelphia is totally hot right now because it offers quality, value and convenience that cannot be found anywhere else. Clients from across the country continue to discover the many benefi ts of producing work in Philadelphia. Once they fi nd out about us, they continue to return to easily produce affordable, quality content. While, in the past, the term "The Sixth Borough" was met with apprehension by many Philadelphians when used to describe Philly as a metaphorical part of New York City, it has become undoubtedly true that in the world of Film/Video Production and Post Production, Philly's proximity to NYC lends it distinct advantages over not only smaller markets, but over NYC and Los Angeles as well. From feature fi lms to commercials and web content to VR productions, Philadelphia's tightly knit production community creates a broad range of high quality content that is not confi ned to any genre or style. Marketers producing content in Philadelphia can expect the luxury of A-list producers and crew who have known and worked with each other for years, and in some cases, even decades — not the unknown and untested second- and third-tier players often assigned to smaller jobs in larger markets. Production & post production services — totally hot But when the need arises, Philadelphia productions can always easily cast the world's best on-camera talent and pull in other specialized Production and Post resources. This is especially helpful in securing specifi c camera and lighting equipment in just hours from nearby New York. Although it should be noted that Philadelphia also has a number of established equipment rental shops that rival other markets with their extensive inventory. This inventory includes the newest and best cameras and lenses, drones, VR cameras and related equipment, all right here in our own market. Philly's pool of quality producers, directors and crew continues to grow, being fed both by our local universities' outstanding programs (including those at Temple and Drexel) and by Production talent migrating to a better lifestyle in our fi ne city. This incoming production talent is seeking the same thing in Philadelphia that marketers have also found here when producing content: Value. Just as an apartment in Philadelphia can cost a small fraction of what a similar property costs in elsewhere, the same can be said for Philadelphia Film/Video productions. From the top to the bottom of a Philadelphia production company's estimate sheet, signifi cant cost savings can be seen over other markets. Multi-day productions with a large agency and client presence on-set can save an enormous amount of money on things like locations, hotels and dining in Philadelphia, while still taking advantage of the city's world class amenities and production resources. Many Philadelphia production companies also offer full service Post Production as well, which allows for a seamless, more effi cient workfl ow. Philadelphia's overall affordability also attracts post-production specialists such as animators, editors, colorists, and audio engineers. The artistic sensibility and technical quality of this post-production work is quite often nationally recognized. The Philadelphia region provides a vast array of affordable location types — urban, suburban, rural mountains and lakes, beaches, historic and industrial — within a short drive in neighboring counties within the Delaware Valley Area. Of course, all of these locations, amenities and resources are of little use if they cannot be accessed with a minimum of complication. The Greater Philadelphia Film Offi ce, a nonprofi t corporation, has successfully advocated for government incentives encouraging local fi lm industry growth, and provides Philadelphia productions free assistance with permits, labor relations, locations, and generally acts as a liaison between the production and the local community and city government, cutting red tape. After serving the production community for over 30 years, there are few problems the GPFO can't solve and many delighted crews and clients that they have helped in the great city of Philadelphia. Philadelphians know that their city and its surrounding area offer a unique and diverse combination of culture and lifestyle amenities. The Philadelphia production community continues to thrive as out of market agencies and content producers discover what we have to offer. Direct marketing is deeply rooted in Philadelphia The Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. Cheesesteaks and soft pretzels. Rocky and his infamous sprint from South Philly to the top of the Art Museum steps. These things are inextricably linked to Philadelphia, which is an integral part of their identity. Would you be surprised to add direct marketing to that auspicious list? There's no doubt that it belongs. Consider these remarkable Philadelphia fi rsts ("phirsts?"): • The fi rst American direct advertisement, according to Philadelphia's Evening Public Ledger, was a pamphlet published in 1681 by William Penn promoting the city. Penn went on to publish a series of promotional pamphlets in the late 1600s. • Benjamin Franklin was appointed postmaster of Philadelphia by the British Crown Post in 1737 and then the fi rst Postmaster General by the Continental Congress in 1775. • In 1841, Volney B. Palmer opened the fi rst American advertising agency in Philadelphia. • The Franklin Mint, purveyor of countless collectibles, was founded outside of Philadelphia in Wawa, PA, in 1964. • Direct-to-consumer TV giant QVC was founded in the Philadelphia suburbs in 1986. With beginnings of that caliber, one thing is clear: Philadelphia has a rich history that has led to what we know direct marketing to be today. A BROAD MIX UNDER THE CANOPY Direct marketing services help sellers generate leads and drive sales through various channels by eliciting a response. And that's the key difference that sets it apart from general advertising or branding. It goes beyond building awareness of a brand or brand attributes. Direct marketing hinges upon getting someone to take action. • Direct mail – Most people think of direct mail when they think of direct response, and they're not wrong. Letters, postcards, oversized mailers, unique packages and more can be very effective in reaching prospects and getting them to respond. Direct mail and inserts in magazines and newspapers were certainly early drivers of direct mail and still perform well today if properly designed and targeted. • DRTV and video – Direct response television advertising became an important part of the direct marketing mix to reach certain segments. While many assume that DVRs and online viewing have spoiled the opportunity for effective reach, the reality is that media buyers still know how to work with a budget to ensure that results are positive. People still watch plenty of TV and will sit through an ad that is relevant to them regardless of the screen they use. • Digital direct marketing — Of course the darling of the mix is digital. This rapidly evolving channel offers much to be taken advantage of in terms of reaching potential audiences. The greatest illusion is that it is simple and easy, which leads to the inexperienced diving in before properly establishing campaign goals and worthwhile tactics. Every generation from Boomers to Millennials is online doing something, if not everything. With the right focus, digital direct marketing can yield tremendous results. • Measurement and analytics — Along with digital, the most signifi cant other area of direct marketing services has to be the ability to measure and analyze real-time results. With the right tools, campaign CONTINUED ON P. 34

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